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PTL Representatives Visit "Pearl Students" in Liangshan, Sichuan
  • Release date 2023-07-13

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To become an enterprise that practices social responsibility and sincerely gives back to the society is PTL's original intention and vision from the very beginning. Since 2019, PTL has cooperated closely with Zhejiang Xinhua Love Education Foundation. Through on-the-spot investigations, it has sponsored dozens of "Pearl students" from poor families with excellent academic performance to complete their middle-school studies every year. In the celebration of the 10th anniversary of PTL's establishment and the 5th anniversary of its listing, thousands of PTL employees actively participated in charity donation activities, and PTL helped form “PTL Pearl Class” consisting of 55 middle school students in Sichuan Huili No.1 Middle School.

On the morning of July 1st, a public welfare visiting team went to Huili No.1 Middle School in Liangshan to visit the children in the “PTL Pearl Class” and donate study materials.


Sichuan Huili No.1 Middle School has a history of more than 270 years, and the current school has been running for more than 160 years. Accompanied by Peng Zhangyao, Wu Jian and other school officials, the PTL visiting team visited the main campus of the school to learn about the school's history, construction and development, and cooperation with Xinhua Fund in recent years. The visiting team then visited the neatly arranged student dormitories. Director Peng introduced the students' excellent academic performance in recent years. He especially praised the students in the “Pearl Class”. Despite the financially difficult family background, there are still many "Pearl Students" whose academic performance is among the best in their grades.




After visiting the itinerary, Director Peng and his party expressed their heartfelt thanks to PTL for their kind deeds, and looked forward to maintaining close communication and cooperation with the company in the future, leading more potential "Pearl Students" in Liangshan to complete their studies. The visiting team expressed their affirmation and gratitude to all the staff of Sichuan Huili No. 1 Middle School for their professionalism and comprehensive care for the "Pearl Students".

During the visit, the team members told the students about their personal growth stories in the multimedia room, encouraging the students to cultivate the tenacity and fighting spirit. Afterwards, members of the visiting team each led a group of students to communicate on campus, patiently answering students' various questions regarding their study. Finally, the visiting team distributed stationery gifts such as colored pencils, rulers, and exam lucky bags to all the students, encouraging them to be brave and optimistic about the future.




On the afternoon of July 1, the visiting team, accompanied by Director Wu, visited the homes of three student representatives and delivered rice, cooking oil and other supplies to each family. The visiting team learned that many "Pearl Students" are from families that experienced catastrophic tragedies. For instance, one student’s father was unexpectedly disabled and lost his ability to work. Although life is cruel and difficult, when the parents heard the excellent academic performance of their children, they expressed heartfelt content and gratitude.


Before leaving, all the students took a group photo with the PTL Visiting Team on the campus, and saluted to express their gratitude. In the future, PTL will continue to engage in public welfare through multiple channels, supporting the communities in need with sustainable and impactful efforts

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