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About Us


PTL was established in November 2012 and successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2017. PTL has been serving the lithium-ion battery market, which is in the key industrial links related to clean energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient energy storage. PTL is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier in lithium-ion battery industry and has been focusing on providing key materials and comprehensive automation solutions.

Business Division
  • Anode Materials and Graphitization
  • Film Materials and Film Coating
  • Automation Equipment
  • PTL is developing graphite anodes with the advantages of excellent fast charging performance and has been actively promoting the pilot tests and mass production of new products such as silicon and hard carbon, further, PTL has also been trying to introduce and upgrade the graphitization and carbonization processes. PTL is continuously consolidating the cost advantage by integration and scale production, and serves global leading battery manufactures with high-end anode material products.

  • With the advantages of the integrated layout of separator and base film, coating, slurry and binder, PTL aims to break into the international customer market. In the mean time, relying on the new business of aluminum-plastic film, PTL has been serving the high-end CE and EV pouch cell,  which also accelerates the process of localization and substitution.

  • PTL has been deploying China's top lithium-ion battery complete line solution platform, and at the same time providing synergistic support for key links within the Division of Film Materials and Film Coating.

Development History
  • 2022

  • 2020

  • 2017

  • 2014

Expanded Capacity & Improve Synergy
  • Sichuan Zichen accelerated the planning and construction of the 200,000-ton integrated project. PTL steadily implemented strategic layout of vertical integration of anode materials.

  • The construction of first-phase separator base film and coating plant of Sichuan Zhuoqin was completed and put into operation, and PTL accelerated the implementation of the base film coating integration strategy.

  • PTL won the "Top Ten Power Battery Industry Chain" of the World Power Battery Conference.

Expanded Capacity & Improve Synergy
  • May

    Increased capital and acquired controlling shareholding percentage of Sunshine Fluororesin and invested in Indigo, laid out the PVDF and binder business fields.

  • Aug

    The separator coating production and lithium battery equipment manufacturing projects in the South China base were launched in Zhaoqing, efficiently supported the South China market.

  • Jiangxi Zichen Technology Center obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

Expanded Capacity & Improve Synergy
  • Starting from the establishment of Sichuan AET and Sichuan Zichen, the company has vigorously promoted the investment and construction of Sichuan-based projects. Relying on local hydropower resources and industrial policy advantages, PTL was able to better serve the southwest market, and radiated overseas markets through China-Europe trains.

Expanded Capacity & Improve Synergy
  • Jun

    Participated in Zhenxing Carbon Mate and laid out needle coke business.

  • Anode material graphitization was put into production.

  • Established Jiangsu KATOP as the head office of KATOP Group.

Expanded Capacity & Improve Synergy
  • Jun

    The anode material business has been launched in Inner Mongolia, and the full-process industrial layout of anode materials has been preliminarily realized.

  • Established subsidiary Jiangsu KATOP

  • Established Jiangsu AET

  • IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • Established Liyang Zichen and Inner Mongolia Xingfeng to improve the supporting capabilities of anode material business

  • Increased capital and controlled Shandong Xingfeng, and developed graphitization processing business

Expanded Base Film Business
  • Jul

    Acquired Shanghai Electric Energy, and changed its name to Shanghai TNS in August of the same year; established separator base film business.

  • The anode material business passed EV qualification.

  • Established Ningde KATOP to provide supporting services to the nearby customers.

Expanded Base Film Business
  • Apr

    Established Dongguan Excellence New Material Technology Co., Ltd., embarked on the aluminum-plastic packaging film layout.

  • Nov

    PTL completed the shareholding reform.

  • Established Ningde AET, and laid out the southeast market.

  • Established Jiangxi KATOP, and arranged self-supply of equipment parts.

  • Started the delivery of anode materials to key customers.

Expanded Coating Materials Business
  • Jul

    Increased capital to acquire Dongguan AET, and created lithium-ion battery separator coating business; established wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Keaton, and created business of coating materials such as micro-nano powder.

Entered Automation Equipment and Coating Materials Market
  • Apr

    Acquired Shenzhen New KATOP and entered the coating equipment market.

  • First shipment & delivery of anode material.

  • Nov

    "PTL Co., Ltd." was registered and established in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and PTL has adopted the enterprise development strategy of creating key lithium-ion battery materials and automation equipment business.

  • Dec

    Established a joint venture in Jiangxi Zichen to lay out the field of lithium-ion battery anode materials business.

Business Layout
  • All
  • Anode Materials and Graphitization
  • Film Materials and Film Coating
  • Automation Equipment
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Our Culture
  • Our Vision

    Become a world leading supplier of battery key materials and comprehensive solution provider of automation equipment.

  • Our Mission

    Relentless focus on research and development, quality control, and serving customers with differentiated products.

  • Our Values

    Integrity, Collaboration
    Enterprising, Innovation.

Our Associates
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