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KATOP automatic rotary disc differential pressure liquid injection machine won the annual product award
  • Release date 2022-11-19

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  • Announcer:PTL

On the evening of November 16, the 2022 Gaogong Lithium Battery Golden Globe Award Ceremony with the theme of "China's Power Leading the World" was grandly opened in Shenzhen. Hundreds of guests from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the lithium battery industry chain gathered together to celebrate grand ceremony. Through a combination of expert scoring and online voting, KATOP Intelligent won the "2022 Product Award" for its technological innovation and application capabilities of the "Automatic Rotary Differential Pressure Liquid Injection Machine".


The liquid injection machine is the core equipment in the middle process of lithium battery manufacturing. The quality control of the liquid injection process directly affects the electrochemical performance and safety performance of the power battery. Today, the power battery liquid injection process still faces high vacuum and low leakage rate, electrolyte hanging on the wall, and injection. Pain points such as long liquid time and poor sealing of the liquid injection nozzle. In response to the above pain points and new needs, KATOP Intelligent has overcome difficulties and independently developed various types of liquid injection machines such as differential pressure and isobaric pressure.


Fully automatic rotary disc differential pressure liquid injection machine is used as the liquid injection process equipment for the production of secondary power lithium batteries (rechargeable lithium ion batteries), with automatic calibration, automatic liquid replenishment, precision ≤ ± 5g (liquid injection volume 1000g) and other process highlights , the device combines the characteristics of high integration, high efficiency, high flexibility, high intelligence, and multi-function, and has been highly recognized by lithium battery head manufacturers.

High performance: the use of high load, long arm spread palletizing 6 axis manipulator, good scalability, high degree of intelligence;

High output: Adopting the process of rotating disk positive and negative pressure breathing to speed up liquid injection and increase the output per unit area;

High intelligence: automatic liquid replenishment, scanning code weighing and Hi-pot automatic calibration and other functional design, reducing the number of operators and Reduce the difficulty of operation;

High compatibility: it can adapt to the production of batteries of various sizes and models, and optimize the design of the change tooling, shortening the time for product change;

low cost: pull belt blocking and optimized design of new liquid injection cups, fixtures, etc., stand-alone The cost is reduced by more than 10%;

Safer: The leading explosion-proof design is adopted, which improves product safety to a greater extent.


As an overall solution provider for new energy equipment, KATOP Intelligent won the "Golden Globe Award" this time, which fully reflects the company's phased achievements and typical achievements in the field of new energy equipment, and highlights its technological advancement and product professionalism. The brand value has been highly recognized by the market and the industry again. 


The coronation of glory is not only an encouragement, but also a motivation to move on! In the future journey, KATOP Intelligent will continue to focus on core technology and product research and development, keep up with the trend of lithium battery companies, achieve closer cooperation with major manufacturers, track downstream product iterations and process innovations, quickly respond to customer needs, and create more Efficient, smarter, and more personalized new energy equipment solutions, with practical actions to promote the intelligent upgrading of the lithium battery industry.

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