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PVDF production capacity expansion, improve the closed loop of lithium battery diaphragm industry
  • Release date 2021-12-19

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  • Announcer:PTL

Shanghai PTL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") holding subsidiary Ruyuan East Sunshine Fluororesin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hungshine Sunshine Fluorine Resin") reached an The initial investment intention is to build a new 20,000-ton/year PVDF and 45,000-ton/year R142b project in Ruyuan. In order to further meet the continuous product demand of downstream lithium-ion battery customers, promote the production capacity construction of HEC fluororesin as soon as possible, accelerate the layout of PVDF production capacity, and build a complete supply chain system for coating materials and adhesives, the company plans to make further progress on the basis of the original plan. To expand the production capacity construction plan, it is planned to build a new 20,000 tons/year PVDF and 45,000 tons/year R142b project through HEC fluororesin, with a total investment of about 1.4 billion yuan.


PVDF is an important coating material and binder in the lithium-ion battery industry chain. This investment in PVDF  production capacity will help the company further improve its base film, coating material, binder, coating equipment and coating processing. The closed-loop industry has formed an effective industrial synergy with the company's coating processing and adhesive business. R142b is the main raw material of PVDF. This supporting construction will help Dongyang Yangguang's fluororesin to build a complete process and raw material layout. After this capacity expansion, it will form a complete set with the existing 5,000 tons PVDF capacity of HEC Fluorine Resin, and will eventually form a 25,000 tons/year PVDF capacity and a supporting 45,000 tons/year R142b raw material capacity.

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