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Southern China KATOP Project Capped
  • Release date 2022-07-28

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  • Announcer:PTL

On the morning of July 28, with the completion of the last roof concrete pouring, the KATOP lithium battery equipment project of Shanghai PTL South China Base was successfully capped, which marked the phased results of the project construction and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of putting into operation by the end of September . 


Chen Xuanqun, vice chairman of the Zhaoqing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Haolong, deputy secretary and head of Gaoyao District Committee, and Chen Wei, director and general manager of PTL Group, attended the project capping ceremony and witnessed the project capping together.

Shanghai PTL South China Base is located in Jiangbin Industrial New City, Gaoyao District, with a planned total investment of more than 5.2 billion yuan. It is currently the largest industrial project invested by a single company in Gaoyao District. It is an advanced energy storage material for new energy vehicles in Gaoyao District.


Key projects of the industry. Since the project was signed and settled in Gaoyao in July 2021, under the great attention and strong support of party committees and governments at all levels in Zhaoqing and Gaoyao, resources from all parties have been actively mobilized to speed up the construction progress. Among them, the KATOP lithium battery equipment project lasted four Months of intensive construction have ushered in the capping of No. 1 dormitory, No. 1 workshop, public engineering room and R&D center building. It took only one year from the signing of the contract, the start of construction to the capping, which once again refreshed the "high speed" of industrial investment promotion.

District leaders said that Gaoyao took the Shanghai PTL South China Base Project as the number one project for industrial investment promotion in the whole district, and as always, showed the greatest sincerity, implemented the highest standards, provided the best service, created the best environment, and tried its best to We will do our best to escort the project construction, ensure the smooth start of production at the end of September, drive the gathering of upstream and downstream industries, and inject strong momentum into Zhaoqing's creation of a new energy industry highland. It is hoped that PTL Group will take root in Gaoyao, be based in the Bay Area, face the world, and take the South China base project as a new starting point to accelerate the establishment of an influential diaphragm coating production and lithium battery equipment manufacturing base to achieve win-win development.


The relevant person in charge of PTL Group expressed his heartfelt thanks to the party committees and governments at all levels in Zhaoqing and Gaoyao who have always cared about and supported the construction of Shanghai PTL South China Base Project, as well as all the builders who worked day and night at the construction site, and expressed that the group will accept In the future, we will work hard to further strictly control the quality, strengthen construction management, and speed up the construction progress, so as to ensure the early completion of the overall project of the South China base project and promote the high-quality economic development of Gaoyao.

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